On your favourite slice of bread. Keep it simple we say.

Lard Ass cultured butter is made on a small scale using quality cream sourced from farms which primarily feed their cows a pasture diet ie. silage, grass, hay etc. This is important in the diet of the cream making cow to ensure seasonal flavours, beta-carotene (this makes a naturally golden yellow butter) and quality cream consistency so that flavour and texture is consistent. There are no additives, preservatives or artificial colourings in our butter. It’s all au naturale.

We single batch churn our ripened cream to ensure we retain flavour of the cream and bring out more of the natural fats. Cultured butter usually has 82% – 84% milk fat. This is important because in our opinion, the more fat the better when it comes to butter! Higher fat means less moisture and this equals a higher smoke point when pan searing, a more tender crumb or crust for baking and much more flavour for a table butter.

True to the name, Lard Ass is big on taste thanks to our handcrafted ways, and once you try cultured butter you won’t go back to ordinary butter.

It really comes down to personal taste.
Australians are so used to eating standard butter that cultured butter can seem to have a strong flavour in comparison. Cultured butter however, is very popular across Europe especially France, parts of the United States, the UK.
What’s great about cultured butter is the wholesome, hearty flavour which tastes amazing on anything or with anything.
To quote Molly Meldrum – do yourself a favour – try it!

Lard Ass is on its way to a store, farmer’s market, restaurant or café near you.

We are busy stocking our boxes to get the butter out quick fast. For enquiries send your details to contact@lardass.com.au.

Funny you should ask.

Lard Ass is just a reflection of our Butter Maiden’s sense of humour when it comes to doing something she is passionate about. “If love is treasure, then laughter is the key” pretty much sums up Lard Ass.

Because our products are hand crafted and NOT commercially made on a large and preservative scale, this means that extra care and attention is necessary to get the most out of your cultured butter.

Direct light, air and warmth are 3 things that can spoil your butter enjoyment.

Some things to remember when you get your butter home:

  • Keep your butter in its original packaging in the fridge
  • Keep butter away from direct sunlight
  • Invest in a butter dish with a lid. You can find these online or in quality vintage stores. They look a treat in the kitchen because you rarely see them!
  • In the warmer months, portion out the amount of butter you might need for the day, and place the reminder in the fridge.
  • Once opened, both salted and unsalted butter will keep in the fridge for three weeks. However, if you plan to keep it longer than a few weeks, butter will keep its fresh taste better if you wrap it again in extra foil or plastic.
  • Butter freezes well, but should be further protected by over-wrapping it in additional foil or heavy-duty plastic wrap or a freezer bag. Properly wrapped, salted butter will keep in the freezer for up to one year. After this, it may begin to lose the fresh butter flavour and pick up other odours or flavours from the freezer. Unsalted butter will keep in the freezer for up to three months.
  • Our products have a best before timeline of 3 months when stored correctly.

If you have a question, we would love to answer it for you.

Send your question to contact@lardass.com.au.