Butter making – it’s an art and a science I have learned this week.

The science is in monitoring things like pH, temperature, TA, litres, grams, kilograms, moisture content, etc.

The art is in the choice of cream and what recipe to make (cultured, standard, salted, unsalted, flavour etc) and then more fat or less fat, more moisture or less. This is similar to the chef making a dish and what recipe to follow to create the right outcome for the customer.

Today I learned how to manipulate the fat content of butter and moisture and the calculations to go with it – yes, maths!!  I did it!

We made ghee (pictured).

I have a new affinity for ghee and could easily branch out to enjoy more and more of this delicacy AND, it is so convenient with all the flavour.

We had a flavoured butter session again, and there were some really good recipes such as:

  • maple syrup and rum butter
  • parmesan and herb
  • chai tea butter
  • chipotle, herb and lemon butter
  • cocoa sweet butter
  • salted black pepper and cranberry butter

Actually, I think you could do anything and butter would carry it whatever the ingredients….with the exception of tuna ; )

We had Dr Bob (Bradley) talk to us about acidity and what it does to cream, the perfect targets for cream and butter acidity.

For our final day we will be working with sheep and goat cream to make butter.

Looking forward to taking it up a notch!