Salted/Unsalted Cultured Butter and 2 Flavours


This is our signature favourite when it comes to Lard Ass.
Cultured salted butter is great to have with everything. Our salted, creamy delight is made using cream from the grass-fed cows of Western Victoria, bringing out the subtle flavour of creamy butter with a tangy, hearty taste. Have it on toast with your favourite spread, use it with your fried eggs, melt it over your steamed vegetables or bake extraordinary cakes and biscuits.


When it comes to tasting great flavour in a product that’s made using natural ingredients, try unsalted cultured butter. Enjoy the natural tastes of creamy butter from the cows who roam the grassy, green paddocks of Victoria.

Fennel Cultured Butter
WTF! (aka What the fennel!) Escape the savages and roam with the more refined people by stocking your fridge essentials with some fennel cultured butter. The flavours have an endearing complement to the taste of fennel and butter saltiness. Have it on sourdough toast, your favourite cracker or add a knob to your dinner plate to jazz up your meat and three veg.

Smoked Garlic Cultured Butter
Our most popular of the flavoured cultured butters. Using local smoked garlic, after delicate heat treatment the smoked garlic is folded through the butter to create a creamy butter with gorgeous garlic notes. Enjoy this melted through roasted vegetables, sauteed in mushrooms, on bread or through mash potatoes. The garlic flavour is guaranteed to please. Comes without the lingering garlic breath.

Smoked Salted Cultured Butter
This is where cultured butter takes flavour to top gear. Bring this baby out when you want to impress the in-laws, silence the neighbours, and out-class your friends. Enjoy it in your mashed potatoes, or on steak. The subtle flavours of smoked hickory mixed in with the butter’s rich creaminess is perfect for your next BBQ or a stand out feature on the cheeseboard.

Sweet Vanilla Cultured Butter
Sweet meets salty – a passionate combination where love affairs are created giving Elvis and Pricilla a run for their money; it’s now or never. Have it on your pancakes when you wake up with Fabio on a Sunday morning, or take comfort when you smear it over your fruit loaf after Penny says ‘you’re dropped’.  No regrets…..ever.

Shelf life – 3 months in the fridge. 6 months when frozen. Keep refrigerated at or below 4C.

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Flavour 1

150gm Dry Roasted Fennel Cultured Butter, 150gm Smoked Salt Cultured Butter, 150gm Smoked Garlic Butter, 150gm Sweet Vanilla Butter

Flavour 2

150gm Dry Roasted Fennel Cultured Butter, 150gm Smoked Salt Cultured Butter, 150gm Smoked Garlic Butter, 150gm Sweet Vanilla Butter

Salted or Unsalted

2 x 500gm Salted, 2 x 500gm Unsalted, 500gm Salted + 500gm Unsalted

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